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オープンリールを「過去という異国からやってきたひとつの民族楽器」として捉え、コンピュータとも組み合わせながら、日夜新たな奏法を開拓し、音楽をつくり続けている。その不思議な音色、楽曲性は高く評価され、ISSEY MIYAKEのパリ・ コレクションの音楽を4季担当。ライブ・パフォーマンスへの評価も高く、SONAR(Barcelona Spain)、ARS ELECTRONICA(Linz Austria)にも出演している。

これまでにCD/DVD/書籍などをリリース。20人20台による派生プロジェクト『Open Reel Orchestra』や、奏法解説ワークショップの開催など、時には形態や編成も変化しながら活動中。

Open Reel Ensemble is a group where they perform by manipulating reel-to-reel tape recorders. The music was performed by placing their hands directly on the reels and tapes. The ensemble was constructed by using the sounds and voices recorded onto the tape right on the spot. Their intriguing tone and composition won high acclaim and the ensemble landed the musical director of ISSEY MIYAKE’s shows at the Paris Fashion Week four seasons in a row. Their live performances enjoy critical acclaim as well; as for overseas, they have performed at Sonar (in Barcelona, Spain) and Ars Electronica (in Linz, Austria) to name a few.

The group has released CD/DVD and has also published a few books. While exploring many projects including “Open Reel Orchestra”, a spin-off project of twenty musicians and twenty reel-to-reel tape recorders, holding workshops and exhibitions, the trio continues to expand their live performance/exhibition to various countries.

Reel / 和田永 Ei Wada (Twitter)
Reel / 吉田悠 Haruka Yoshida (Twitter)
Reel / 吉田匡 Masaru Yoshida

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