AKIRA 100%

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AKIRA100% is the winner of 2017 R-1 Grand-Prix, the most established Japanese national contest for solo comedians hosted by Yoshimoto Kogyo, the largest comedy agent/promoter in Japan and televised on a Japanese national TV network, Fuji TV. He is managed by Sony Music Artists Inc., a management arm of Sony Music Japan group, and one of the largest management companies in Japan managing over 200+ artists/actors/comedians. He always perform fully naked on TV as well as on stage, covering his groin with a silver plate(s) and/or some other items he holds under any circumstances and is said to have established a naked comedy form of new era. He appears on almost all the popular comedy shows and variety shows on all the Japanese major TV networks. He also performed at Montreal Improv in Montreal, Canada in 2015 and in New York City in 2017. Born in 1974, in Saitama, Japan.

Reference Video:
“Naked Detective” performed at Montreal Improv in Montreal in 2015
“Muscle Training” on Japanese national TV in 2015
“Never Show Anything Show” performed in NYC in 2017

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